even though my life has moved on

those in it fill it rich and full

spilling over

before me wide and open

landscape lush, skies blue and bright

your lack of heart to nurture, offer kindness

will remind me of what others have

what I will always give

*my daughter, four corners, Colorado*


I see perfection

in a single blade of grass

harnessing the sun inside it’s perfect factory

I hear harmony in the rhythmic push and pull of moon and waves

I think about the clouds and the way they mold to fit the wind

I marvel at the city of creatures that lives beneath every mossy rock

life seems simple and achingly complex

*Charleston, SC*

bring and borrow

I borrowed a teaspoon of your faith

I drank the shot of courage you handed me

I put that coin of belief in my pocket you lent me

I wear the scarf of courage you put around my neck

I put on the necklace of peace you brought me

I ate the kindness you prepared for me

I put on the shoes of comfort you gave me

so I can walk back into the world

When we can’t reach the water to sustain our souls

we need to bring it to each other

*my husband and daughter, Denver, CO*


let what must be said

be said

said well

this is an age of twisted meanings

messages and narratives crafted

sly and secret campaigns of the mind

then so they always were

you’d like to see it black and white with that cult you’re in

not a shred of gray in that lovely little ideal world you imagine we came from

the imaginary one you wish to build again

but it ain’t so

you exploit the narrative for your own truth

it ain’t so, sister

your experts can fuss about with their talk

it helps you look away

I’m sorry for your hardness that seeks to put your fine little world in a bubble

it ain’t so

I will use my words

use them well

call out the abundant garbage that shape-shifts in your mind

try to have a bit of compassion instead of looking away

*the botanical garden, LA*