The concept of resiliency intrigues me. Why are some people able to rise above all sorts of hardships and others sink into themselves? I had a difficult childhood and it gave me resolve to treat my children with love and care.  The religion that was forcibly fed to me made me question, think, and choose my faith in a different manner. My journey took years and perhaps a more healthy individual would see life more directly and with less angst and skepticism. But the difficulties I encountered that shattered me left the world multifaceted with a million prisms of light. It opened up possibilities. Endings became beginnings (I borrow this idea from another blogger whom I conversed with today). I feel damaged and scarred but also remade.

*Oregon 2019*

10 thoughts on “Remade

  1. The thing you did that was important is that you never gave up and you saw that there were other ways to see things in the pieces. That’s the thing that matters. Not accepting you life the way it was, but questioning and moving forward made you who you are today. Those who don’t see any alternatives, don’t find any. 🙂 I’m so happy you made it.

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    1. Absolutely, thank you Gigi. I’m not alone either. I know many strong, amazing fulfilled people who have overcome not only awful childhoods but incredible hardship and pain not only intact but having grown stronger and deeper from it. Why? Why can some be resilient? It is fascinating to me.


      1. Indeed, I’m thinking about these things. I just went to a family reunion/funeral and it was amazing to see how different people have overcome the hardships in their lives and thrived while others have turned inward and become self absorbed and bitter. It got me thinking! My husband says ‘the why’ is complex. It has to do with the interaction between external factors (simplistically; good life luck and back life luck), and then beyond that, how we respond to hardship and take responsibility for our failures. It has to do with self awareness and humility. But the thing I wonder about is what you addressed; how who we are innately effects how we respond to life. Nature vs Nurture. Anyway, this a long rant, Gigi, but I appreciate your responses to my musings over this topic! I totally respect your incredible brain and your ability to look at the world we live in and try to understand the good and bad with an eye towards justice and stewardship of the world. It’s why I love reading your blog:)


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