showing up for life

I think one of the biggest areas of maturity for me was the idea of showing up for life and for people. Some days I would rather not go to meet a friend for lunch, take a phone call or have that extra moment of conversation at work engaging in another’s life and thoughts.  I’m naturally an introvert and it often takes an effort. Some days it would be easier to call in sick, not attend the meeting I promised, not go to the shower or going away party. I believe every time I shy away from important responsibilities or meaningful interactions with those I care about, I lose a bit of the richness and fullness of life. It is easier to live shallow some days than invest in the things I have in front of me; family, friends, coworkers, my job. This is a entirely different idea than saying yes to everything and having the inability to draw boundaries. I am personally very good at drawing boundaries. It’s taking risks, being vulnerable that I find more difficult. It’s finally doing a blog and putting my writing out there for the world to see. It’s saying yes to playing piano in public. It’s going to the birthday party that I know I may not enjoy but going anyway so the people I love will know I showed up for them. It’s taking my career seriously and investing my time to be the best neonatal nurse I can be. It’s choosing to have real compassion for the patients and families that I meet. It’s choosing to being incovenienced once in a while when the reason and the people are important. It’s like gaurding a treasure, my life, in a meaningful way, so that I don’t lose it through laziness, selfishness and carelessness.

*picture taken by my husband summer 2019 in Rome*

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