the enemies of joy are comparison and regret

I believe we should look to our own houses

live in today

refuse the net of shadows that entangle us when we cast our eye on another’s marriage, home, health, bank account, state of mind, education, country, car, job

I believe we should look to our futures

from today

cast away the chains of regret, throw down the shackles which bind us when we recite the litany of things that could have been different; our heritage, upbringing, family, choices, journeys, mistakes, addictions, moves, lovers, failures

I believe we should embrace all that made us who we are today and be content with all we have, who we have and who we are

if change can be made then make it but if change cannot be made then embrace the things that stay and make them the best they can be

take away the seats of comparison and regret and invite joy to sit at our tables

*RHINO district Denver*

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