mi amigo para siempre

Carylyn and I have been friends for over 30 years. She was a sassy 19 year old who came into the daycare where I worked in Mountain View, CA, and made magic happen for the older kids. She was a whiz at program planning and making everyone have a great time. She was a little bit bossy. She still is. It works for her and makes her very effective at work and in life.  It’s different to know someone through most of your lifetime. I see her in spectrum, like a rainbow. I see that 19 year rebel with tattoos and a truck. I see her going to college. I see her finding a career. I see her loving and moving on in love and finding her husband, Jose, who makes her happy and loves her so well. I remember running from the tornado storm, talking the cop out of a ticket, accidentally hitting the gay bar scene in Austin (those guys were so hot and we were very dissapointed when realized), writing poetry together, driving through the swamps of Louisana and meeting the oddest characters. We were unafraid together. She was courageous, adventurous and always up for anything. She was the one I told about the young Englisman I had met and she remembers me telling her I could marry him. I did. We eventually lived in different parts of the country and I got very busy raising a family. She had hardships and victories. But we never let go of our friendship. She’s exactly the same person she was then but with lots of life under her belt. When we catch up it’s so easy. It’s like the years float away and we can absorb each other’s lives effortlessly. We don’t need to try to figure each other out. This weekend I visited her and her husband in Los Angelos. We went to the zoo, the botanical gardens, danced together to a latin band, and ate Ethipoan, Thai and Cuban. We sat in her kitchen each morning catching the years up. It was like inserting a zip drive or inhaling a beautiful smell; easy and effortless. I came away from the weekend in LA knowing her husband and seeing the way they move through life together. I know how it feels to wake up in her house and look at the palm trees and pines mix together against the LA blue sky down the slope into the cityscape below. I know how her dog Rex talks to everyone and makes sure he gets what he needs while sweet Tona, her other dog, listens and watches patiently and takes a bit longer to get up and down. I’ve had her fantastic, healthy waffles and have watched Chubby, the resident hummingbird, buzz through her verdant backyard. I know she has to sweep the pine needles daily from her porch. I’ve used, and taken home her favorite facecream, because she is generous like that. I now posses a pair of earrings I admired, because she insisted on giving them to me. I spent time with her momma, Helen, who is a little older but still as sweet as she ever was. I noticed how they share the bossy trait, in the nicest, most charming way. Carolyn now takes care of her and it is a side of her I hadn’t seen when we were younger. Caregiver. But she wears her role with grace and love. And she uses that bossy trait to get things done in the best possible way for her mom. She’s a super hero daughter. Helen gave me a book of her poetry and signed it. Both poets; mother and daughter. I am so lucky to have known and shared a friendship with this amazing woman. My forever friend, Carolyn.

5 thoughts on “mi amigo para siempre

  1. This is very well written and I enjoyed the hell out of reading it. I also have a life long friend, Abe. While he lives in MA, it doesn’t matter, when we talk, or see one another, it’s as if we still lived as neighbors.

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