who knows us better than ourselves

only those whose life we held in our hands for a little while

only those we had authority and responsibility over as we will never have again

only those who were vulnerable to our whims, our theories, our moods, our character

not our mothers, not our fathers, not our lovers, spouses, friends

who has seen us golden in the silky spiral of childhood

wrapped in sacrifical giving

loving, comforting, playing,

who knows our dark side better than ourselves

when our weakness springs out from behind the closet door

the darkness inside hiding our insecurities, our need to control

lashes out before the eyes of only them that see

we are all wrapped in the cloak of self delusion

that hides our good and bad from our very eyes

some of our mothers and fathers

tipped the balance toward selfishness and harshness

some called abuse discipline

some painted neglect away with the brush of self interest

some call criticism honesty

some call competition with their offspring sharing and comparing

some of our mothers and fathers

tipped the balance in the direction of selflessness and kindness

where there was no judgment when we fall

a hand reached out to pick us up

a listening ear without a quick reply

some celebrate our successes and wish them to be higher, bigger, deeper, longer than theirs could ever be

none perfect, but in the balance of life

some legacys leave pain

some legacys leave love

the measure of a man and a woman

is only truly known by their children


2 thoughts on “legacy

  1. I absolutely LOVE this poem. I love its honesty. Its ability to see two sides, and to affirm the darker sides. I love how you do not try to “pink cushion” anything. Some things, only WE can know. I just love this. That’s it. Thankyou for writing it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. I appreciate your kind words very much indeed. I just hope I tip the balance for good with my own children!! But who can know… I think we are all self deceived to some extent.


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