A boy

I’ve fallen for a boy with eyes the color of sea foam
Amber flecks among golden waves
Guarding the secrets his mind harbors deep inside.

When he laughs, really laughs, its the feeling of fleeting sunshine
Encompassing what it means to feel free.

I love how he can’t help but dance to background music
Or any music for that matter
His vinals are carefully organized amid the disorganization that is the rest of his room.
He even spent $12.99 on a cleaning spray to keep the dust from collecting on their shiny black surfaces,

There was a time when he fell asleep next to me
Head resting where shoulder meets neck
He held my hand, popped my knuckles one at a time.
The same sound my heart felt when he took his hands away from mine.

Sometimes he’ll get close again, but only for a minute
Hands on my waist, popping knuckles, blowing milk white clouds that smell of islands my way.

I crave his presence, long for the feeling of his leg against mine.
I wish he was mine.

All I can do is let go of the boy with galaxies in his head.
I wish I hadn’t drowned in those seafoam eyes.

By daughter Gabby

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