I find this to be a paradox

and I’m damn tired of them

why can’t it just be clear and easy to understand

people’s motives

and if they can be trusted

2 thoughts on “Paradox

    1. Yes, but often I feel this way about the people the very closest to me. And it’s something you’ve aluded to before that I think we should all practice. It’s boundry setting with those we love the very best. For both them and us. It’s the realization that we all have faults and given free access to treading on those we love in our own best interest that that will happen on occasion. And it’s up to each of us to be sure we respect ourselves and want the person we love not to be able to easily sacrifice their own integrity as well because we don’t have good boundaries (for respect, language , financial co dependence etc). It’s something that is constantly on my mind as I raise my kids and have to say no to them and redirect them and demand respect at times, and also being married to a type A very opinionated man. I love your thoughts, btw and agree with your way of thinking so much! It’s very encouraging to know another person that finds these topics important!!


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