we wear an inglorious distinction in our world today
america where children murder and children die
arguments, statistics, moralizing, blaming clutter our field of vision

it’s closing in
closer to touching each of us
with a real face and a soul we know

the fear is real, though it is stuffed and stamped and tamped below the surface after each horror
we are left with apathy and hopelesness when there is no change again

our leaders mumble and grumble
pointing fingers at each other
we can only hope the generation whose blood was shed will rise

*I cannot count the number of times my children have expressed their fear of being gunned down when then go to school. There have been a number of close calls, when their schoolmates came to school with guns and were apprehended. I have a friend whose children were not so lucky to just fear but experienced this first hand and bear the emotional trauma of that day*

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