dear Denver could you not be so sunny

I would like a bit of crummy



and also can we talk about the snow

which always seems to fall at times I’d like to go



and then there’s all the pot

it’s just a lot



thankfully you have a lot of coffee and Troy Gaurd’s restaurants

for us to haunt



and the hikes are not half bad

apart from all the dogs they’re really rad

so pretty


and Denver, what’s with the dress code of yoga pants and sunglasses?

to wear to all my ironmans and spinning classes



but for all your flaws you’ve got great parks

and walks and trails and and wags and barks



your craft beer and cool street art is great

though your sidewalks can frustrate

fix them, please


City Park jazz and skiing on Sundays

actually forget that, better to go on a Monday

your highways…ugh


the people from near and far are moving in droves

but shocker it was when your houses prices rose



Still, you’re home to me, though I still wish you weren’t so sunny

and your old houses cost way, way too much money










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